Two Roll Mill

Two Roll Mill : Saumya Technocrates Manufacturering Wide Range of Plastic Testing Equipments in India.

The "Saumya" Two Roll Mill with fixed speed and friction is laid out for constant working conditions. The machine is available with roll diameters of 150 mm. (as per requirement).
The rolls are driven by a geared AC Motor. The rear roll is driven by spur gears for a constant friction. Modifications for speed and friction are possible to meet individual requirements within certain steps.

The rolls are aligned in rigid frames. The rear roll is in a fixed position for good access to the rolls. The front roll can be moved with a hand shaft. The central adjustment ensures parallel movement. The working width is laid out for both plastics and rubber processing.

The drive system of Two Roll Mill is equipped with a knee-actuated switch for emergency stop. Opening to the necessary safety distance can be done by hand however without turning of the rear roll.

The rolls are made of corrosion resistant steel and surface hardened. A central lubrication system combined with high-temperature resistant seal ring sallow low maintenance operation. The electrical heating energy is provided by cartridges. Heat distribution is controlled in three different zones to equalize difference over the roll.

The machine is equipped with a contractor control system. Roll temperature will be controlled with digital controllers. With the operating units mounted in an adjustable panel the machine can be operated from both sides.

Electric and drive system are incorporated in the machine frame with easy access for maintenance. The machine will be delivered with integrated controls and needs supply connections only.

Specifications of Two Roll Mill:

Technical Data Saumya mm DTRM-150
Roll Diameter mm 150
Roll Width mm 350
Heating Power/Roll Kw 5.0
Roll Speed Fixed RPM 18/23
Drive Power Kw 3.7
Roll Temperature °C Amb. to 220
Power Supply 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Dimension 36"X36"X42"
Net Weight Approximate 150 Kgs.


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